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Theatre Specialty Classes

6-week Sessions

(Grades 6 & up)

Our 6-week, themed theatre electives are open to ALL students 6th grade & up! You do not have to be a Center Stage student to register! 


These specialty classes are structured to provide a deeper study into specific theatre related areas, both on and off stage, adding to the enjoyment, overall knowledge, and performance abilities of our students!


  • Pre-registration is required!

  • Each 6-week session is only $69!

Stage Makeup! Sept. 2nd-Oct. 7th

Have you ever wanted to transform yourself into someone new? Now is the perfect chance to give it a try! This class is open to all 6th-12th graders, CS students & friends!

Come explore the creative world of stage makeup! This 6-week course will focus on learning and applying techniques of many different styles of stage makeup. Styles include: old age makeup, special effects makeup/traumas- bruises, sunburns, cuts, etc., animal effects (turning yourself into your favorite animal), character/decades makeup, and fantasy makeup!


  • Mehron Makeup Mini-Pro Student Makeup Educational Kit- this kit comes in different skin tones, so do your best to color match from the description. Click on the link below to order your kit! 

Required Makeup Kit

  • Brush set- A variety of size and textured brushes would be best. A link to a possible set is below or you can bring brushes you already own!

Possible Brush Set

  • If you have any specialty makeup including a palette of eye shadow, bring that as well. If not, any specialty items will be provided.

Stage Combat! Oct. 14th-Nov. 18th

Have you ever wondered how people fight on stage? Well, then join Miss Ashton for a course on Stage Combat! This class is open to all 6th-12th graders, CS students & friends!

In this specialty theatre elective, we will be learning how to safely fight for the stage, including: punches, slaps, kicks, how to put together a fight sequence, and so much more! 

Directing! Jan. 27th-Mar. 3rd

Explore what it takes to be a director! ? Join Miss Ashton for a course on Directing! This class is open to all 6th-12th graders, CS students & friends!

In this specialty theatre elective, we will look into different directing styles and techniques, and eventually everyone will get the chance to direct their peers in a scene. Broaden your theatre horizons and try something new with directing!

Directing! Jan. 27th-Mar. 3rd

Improv! April 7th-May 12th

Have you ever tried acting without a script? Do you want to improve your comedic acting skills? Miss Ashton’s 6 week improv class can do all of those things!

 In this class we will learn the foundations of improv and how to apply them through games and working together on group activities. At the end of the 6 week class we will get to showcase our skills in a mini improv show! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity! ​

Open to all 6th-12th graders, CS students & friends!

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