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CSA Design 3Teal Shirt.png
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Center Stage Merchandise


Exciting news! CSA Gear is here with lots of options and an awesome new way to shop! 

Pre-orders for recital flowers are now closed! But don't worry! Flowers will be available for sale in the lobby at the show!

We have upgraded our process to make it possible for you to get the gear you want year-round by printing the items in-house!  

That's right! There is NO DEADLINE on ordering- our online store will remain open! Plus, when you check out, you will pay directly on the site (we aren't charging your account)! This makes it possible for anyone who wants to buy merchandise to do so quickly & easily (think family & friends)!

Orders will be processed as they arrive and we will let you know when they are ready to be picked up at the studio! 

STEP 1: Check out all of the new designs pictured below & pick your favorites!

STEP 2: Click on the item images in the blocks below to open them in the store & find out specific details about each item!

STEP 3: Follow the prompts in the store to add items to your cart and complete your purchase!

If you have any questions, please send us a text at 660.747.6133! You can also stop by the front desk and we can help you place your order!  

Choose your favorite designs, then choose your favorite way to wear them! Mix & Match- the choice is yours!*
*Read for some item exceptions below!

CSA Merch Designs 2023.png

Have a question? Please send us a text at 660.747.6133! 

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