At Center Stage, it's not just music, it's our passion!


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Our Preschool Piano enrichment program builds on children’s natural love of music through joyful activities that have them singing, playing instruments, moving, and listening! This class connects young children to musical concepts like rhythm, pitch, keyboard geography and sets the stage for a successful future at the piano!

Wednesdays | 12:45-1:30pm |Starts September 22 (no class Nov. 24)
12-Week Session Tuition: $186- Includes book & all supplies! 

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GROUP UKULELE CLASS | grades 1st-9th

Students will learn to play the ukulele in this small group setting designed for students ages 6-13 to learn at their own pace with the added fun of a room of friends! Students need to provide their own ukulele.

Call/ text for more information! 660.747.6133

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PRIVATE LESSONS | grades K & up


Our goal is to inspire and enable students to reach the highest musical standards and to instill in them a lifelong love of music. Our 30-minute weekly private lessons offer a comprehensive musical experience. Along with learning fundamental technique for the instrument or voice, each student will receive age appropriate music theory lessons to lay the foundation for advanced study.

Back this season! We have tech-enabled our studios to be able to offer a hybrid lesson model with both in-studio & online lessons, as well as the ability to switch between the two as needed! This model provides everyone the flexibility to take lessons in a way that makes them comfortable throughout the year!

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Group Piano classes are a great way to introduce your child to piano! 


Center Stage Academy is excited to offer this incredible group piano class program headed by Dr. Jon Hynes (DMA, Eastman School of Music)*!

Class schedule/tuition below.

• Up to 10 students per class (each on their own piano)

• Group work and time with the instructor one-on-one

• Both educational and fun! 

Many kids enjoy a group setting because classes are more social and less intense than private instruction.

*For over 20 years, Dr. Hynes has inspired and elevated students. Many have won top prizes at some of the most prestigious competitions and music schools in the country. We are excited to welcome Dr. Hynes and to offer this new program to our community!

Piano for all! 

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GROUP VOICE LESSONS | grades 2 & up


Individualized music training in a group setting! 


Our Musical Theatre Group Voice lessons are formatted to combine the benefits of both private and group music instruction in a small group setting. We will select individualized music for each students voice type and be focused on making each student “audition-ready”. The class will include some group singing to learn about ensemble singing and harmonies, but the general focus is about the individual and learning from each other.

2021-22 Musical Theatre Group Voice Lessons | Group Piano Class


$22 per 1/2 hour lesson

Semi-private (duet/trio) lessons: 

$15 per student per 1/2 hour lesson


Lessons are paid monthly-please see the front desk for a private music lesson policy form.


GROUP MUSIC LESSONS TUITION: see class descriptions above


Private music lessons & group music lessons are not included in multi-class discounts.

Why Study Music at Center Stage?


  • Comfortable studios in a professional setting free from distractions.

  • Optional Recitals 2 times per year!

  • Fun incentives to keep students motivated!

  • Enroll siblings (and parents!) in multiple instruments or classes at the same time!

  • FREE music bag!

  • Music books available for purchase at the studio so no need to spend time shopping elsewhere!

  • Center Stage is a member of the National Federation of Music Clubs so our students have the option to compete in the national festival each year!

  • Use of new technology to match the learning style of today's student!

  • Easy communication for parents with LESSON MATE! (LessonMate is an online lesson journal accessible from any device used to keep parents in the loop! Get a peek in your child's lesson with videos and pictures sent directly to you from the instructor! Know exactly what your child should be practicing throughout the week!)

  • Customer service specialists available to answer administrative questions without taking time away from your lesson!

  • Hassle-free, automatic payment system!