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We're looking forward to getting to know YOU! Let us begin the introductions!

Since 2000, Center Stage Academy has been a leader in performing arts education. Our reputation for inspiring young people to be the best performers they can be is one of the primary reasons for our success! When we say the "best performers they can be," we speak inclusively of EVERY student, whether at the recreational or intensive level. 


It is our goal at Center Stage to provide the highest quality of performing arts education in a fun, family-oriented atmosphere! We believe that training in the performing arts encourages self-expression, confidence, self-esteem and promotes highly motivated individuals. These qualities are displayed not only during time spent at the studio but carried into daily life!


Our highly trained, enthusiastic teaching staff at Center Stage strive to:

  • Search for and develop the potential of each individual.

  • Encourage students to use personal expression in their art.

  • Instill deep appreciation, respect, and overall love of the performing arts.

  • Promote positive self-image.

  • Increase and enhance coordination and physical fitness.


Above all, we are a family-oriented studio here to have FUN! Every child is a star when they walk through our door. If there is ever anything we can do to make your experience at Center Stage more complete, please let us know!




Center Stage provides a warm inspiring atmosphere for students of all ages and levels. While building self-confidence and integrity in all our performers we strive to foster the skills they need to enjoy music and dance for a lifetime.

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