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Tickets will be available online starting May 11, 2024 at 10am CST!

Tickets will also be available at the door!

Flowers will be available for sale in the lobby at the show!



Read all about it! The MOST IMPORTANT info you need to know is here!

If you don't read it, you won't know what to do or where to be when! 

If you have any questions, text us at 660.747.6133!

Recital Information Packets!

Now Available!

Recital Show Orders!

Now Available!


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Important Recital Notes!

Recital Information & Communications

  • Recital information will be coming your way the next several months via email, social media and handouts!

  • Watch for the "Recital Ready" email newsletter to keep you up to speed on all things recital!

  • All of the information you need to know will also be added to this webpage for your easy reference.

VIP & Me Dance

  • All VIP & ME dancers MUST attend their MANDATORY rehearsal at Hendricks Hall. This will be the only time to practice on the stage as a group- dancers will be expected to already know the choreography.

  • VIP & Me Mandatory Rehearsal Times: 

    • VIP & Me Dancers in Show #1: May 30, 8:15-8:45pm

    • VIP & Me Dancers in Show #2: May 29, 6-6:30pm

    • VIP & Me Dancers in Show #3: May 28, 5:45-6:15pm

    • VIP & Me Dancers in Show #4: May 29, 8:45-9:15pm 

Recital Costumes

We want everyone looking their best on stage! Students are receiving their costumes in a special CSA garment bag to keep costumes looking fabulous during transport and to help keep all the pieces together in one place!

  • After you get your costume home, be sure to take it out of the bag and hang it up in a safe place out of direct sunlight to help release wrinkles. Take extra care not to lose any accessories that might have come with your costume- we do not have extras!

  • Costumes with tutus should be hung upside-down to help increase their fluffiness. :)

  • You should try on your costume to double check the fit, but as much fun as it is to wear your costume, wait until AFTER the recital to keep it in perfect condition for your performance! We are not able to get a replacement costume!


Tights, Shoes & More:

Click to view the Recital Costume Information Spreadsheet with all of your specific recital details for your class! The link is also available on the Recital Information page on the studio website. 

The Costume Information Sheet includes:

  • The style & color of tights & dance shoes you will need for each routine- Recital tights are now available for purchase! Double check your shoes and if you might need new ones, don't wait to long to order them at the front desk! If you need TAN jazz shoes, order them ASAP!

  • A list of your costume pieces & accessories 

  • Performance times

  • Recital Hairstyles (TBD)

Important note on tights!    

  • All recital tights MUST be purchased from the front desk to ensure a uniform look on stage. 

  • Reference the Costume Information spreadsheet to know which tights you need for which classes!

  • Creative Movement & Precombo I & II dancers received one pair of recital tights with their recital costume. Please save these for the recital!

Recital Photos: May 6-9

  • Group and individual photos of dancers/classes in their recital costumes will be taken by a professional photographer during regular class times the week of May 6-9th. Families will have the option to purchase pictures after viewing the proofs.

  • Proofs will be available to view online beginning Friday, May 24th!

  • The deadline to order pictures is Monday, June 3rd!

  • Click here for more detailed picture week information!


Recital Tickets On Sale: May 11 @ 10am


  • All advance ticket sales will be online. Tickets go on sale Saturday, May 11th at 10am. 

  • Tickets are reserved seating and all people occupying a seat will need a ticket. 

  • Guests ages 2 and younger on a lap will not need a ticket. 

  • Dancers will remain backstage the entire performance with CSA Staff and Student Leaders and will not need a ticket. 


  • Tickets will also be available to purchase at the door! 

Rehearsal Week & Performance Dates! 


Staging & Dress rehearsals will take place May 27-31-check the Rehearsal Schedule for your extra rehearsals!

  • All dancers in Creative Movement & up have extra rehearsals this week! 

  • All dancers will have a MANDATORY REHEARSAL during rehearsal week. If they are not at the mandatory rehearsal they can not perform in the recital. PLEASE BLOCK THE REHEARSAL WEEK DATES ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW! 

Rehearsal Theme Reveal Fun! CSA Presents: Special Report Live, Recital 2024

Recital News Post #1
Recital News Post #2
Recital News Post #3
Recital News Post #4
Recital News Post #5

Recital 2024 Information!


     May 31, 7:00pm
     June 1, 10:30am, 2:30pm & 7:00pm
      Hendricks Hall, UCM Campus 

Rehearsal Week: May 27- 31 at Hendricks Hall

All dancers ages 2 & up have extra rehearsals this week! CLICK HERE


If you have any recital questions, please ask! You can send an email to or call/text the front desk at 660.747.6133 and we'll be happy to help!

Detailed Recital Information will continue to be updated for your convenience as we get closer to the performance! 

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