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CSA Student Ambassador Programs!

Now expanding for next season!

We know we have amazing, motivated and caring students at our studio and wanted to create a program open to all students in grades 6 & up who are ready to take their potential to the next level! A program where students can continue to increase their self-confidence and leadership skills through real-life situations as ambassadors of Center Stage- both in the studio and throughout our community and world!

The CSA Student Leadership Team is designed to

help students build upon the skills they are already

developing in their dance, music & theatre classes and

apply those same skills to their every day lives-

becoming more self-confident and empowered to take

on new challenges while helping themselves and 

others succeed! Through monthly meetings, small

group/individual mentoring sessions, studio events,

service projects, enrichment opportunities and more,

student leaders will form new friendships while

developing communication, collaboration and leadership skills, building character and gaining confidence as individuals and team players! Click below for more details!

The CSA Junior Faculty Program (or JFac) is an educational program in which students gain valuable work experience while furthering their skills in the arts. Students will receive training in communication, child development, CSA curriculum, time management and organizational skills. JFac members receive one-on-one mentorship with experienced teachers and develop skills that translate not just in the studio, but in their future roles in college and the work force. It is important to our faculty that our program not only prepare Team members for their role at CSA, but foster a love of the arts and develop leadership skills.  Click below for more details!

Our CSA Studio Crew program is for student leaders looking for tuition assistance. Students will receive training and assist Center Stage staff with daily/weekly tasks necessary to prepare the studio environment for classes every day.  Click below for more details!

As part of the Student Leadership Team, students are eligible to apply to to be a part of our Junior Faculty (JFac) or Studio Crew!

Check out all of the exciting ways to be involved!

Applications for our 2019/20 Student Leadership Team and Studio Crew will be available in May 2019!

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