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CSA Junior Faculty Program

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What is the CSA Junior Faculty Program?

The CSA Junior Faculty Program (or JFac) is an educational program in which students gain valuable work experience while furthering their skills in the arts and education. Students will receive training in communication, child development, CSA curriculum, time management and organizational skills. JFac members receive one-on-one mentorship with experienced teachers and develop skills that translate not just in the studio, but in their future roles in college and the work force. It is important to our faculty that our program not only prepare Team members for their role at CSA, but foster a love of the arts and develop leadership skills.

We are excited to offer the opportunity for young artists to apprentice and work in the field of arts education!


What do Junior Faculty members do?

JFac members play a vital role in the studio by assisting CSA staff in classes, rehearsals and lessons. JFac members are expected to maintain attendance in the classes in which they assist as well as their own CSA commitments.

Members of JFac are an example and mentor for other students. We expect JFac members to treat this role with seriousness and respect.

Criteria for JFac Selection:

  • Member of CSA Student Leadership Team

  • In 6th -12th grade

  • Placement in intermediate or advanced level classes

  • At least one year of study with Center Stage Academy 

  • Ability levels demonstrated in class

  • Attendance in classes

  • Interest in teaching

  • Passion for working with younger students

  • Ability to meet the time commitment


Are Junior Faculty members compensated financially?

JFac is designed to train future leaders in the arts and provide educational opportunities for our students. JFac members are not compensated, but those that have reached an appropriate level of training and 11th grade will be eligible for tuition discount based on the number of hours completed:

2-4 hours per month, 3% tuition discount

5-8 hours per month, 5% tuition discount

9-12 hours per month, 7% tuition discount


Criteria for compensated JFac:

  • Student must be in 11th or 12th grade

  • Member of CSA Student Leadership Team

  • Placement in intermediate or advanced level classes.

  • At least one prior year as JFac member

  • At least one prior year of study with Center Stage Academy 

  • Consistent attendance in classes

JFac Expectations                                                     

Once selected to be a member of JFac, a student must comply with the following:

  • Attend all classes to which she/he is assigned, or arrange for a substitute JFac member

  • Attend one’s own classes, rehearsals and commitments without excessive absences

  • Maintain a polished appearance while working (as outlined in the JFac Handbook)

  • Maintain a positive attitude and relationship with CSA staff, students and parents at all times

  • Attend all trainings, including mandatory initial training in August (date TBD)


Junior Faculty Responsibilities During Class (Varies Depending on Level):

  • Preschool, Junior, and Intro Level Classes

    • Demonstrate steps, concepts, and combinations  

    • Occasionally assist the teacher with leading an exercise

    • Work individually with students as directed by the teacher

    • Assist with correcting students when they see problems

    • Aid the instructor in maintaining an organized classroom atmosphere

    • Build positive relationships with each student in the class

  • Rehearsal Assistants/Dance Captains

    • These opportunities will be internship in nature and require work with CSA directors and choreographers on a specific production or piece of choreography.


JFac Application Instructions:

All JFac applicants must submit the online Student Leadership Team application. Please ensure you have completed the extra Jr. Faculty questions on the application as well! You will be notified of acceptance by the program director.

JFac Applications due August 1, 2023! 

Have a question? Use the form below to send it our way and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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