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Finishing STRONG!

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We take the safety of our kids and families and our responsibility to our staff & community seriously.

Any considerations to move towards face-to-face service is being done with the utmost care and consultation of our local leaders and authorities.

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Classes included are: All Preschool dance classes, Kindergarten Combo, Jr. Ballet 1, Jr. Combo 1, Rising Stars, Hip Hop 1, Boys Tech 1, Jr. Ballet 2, Jr. Combo 2, Pre-Company 1

  • May 11-14: Our final "normal" classes as we prepare for our Virtual Recital! 

  • May 15-16: Curbside Recital Costume pickup days! An email will be coming out with exact times and details for this fun event!

  • May 18-21: Our Virtual Recitals during your regular class time!

  • May 22-24: The fabulous Red Carpet Recital Experience!  

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Click on the calendar to view the full pdf file!

Two Awesome Recital Experiences for Younger dancers!


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We will be offering two opportunities for families to take part in a

re-imagined recital and to showcase the accomplishments of ALL of our students: a Virtual Recital AND a Red Carpet Recital!


May 18-21 | During your regular class time!

This year every parent gets a front row seat as we bring the excitement of the recital to your living room! You can invite as many guests as you'd like to join you in the audience (via your own FaceTime, Skype, etc...) as your child takes center stage to perform! 

  • Dancers will perform their recital routine in their new costume with hair and makeup done!

  • Parents will receive an invitation with instructions on how to make the event extra special & fun (room set up, lighting & a virtual background to use)! 

  • We'll record the class performing the finale (to create an awesome studio-wide finale video) & take a class photo with all their friends! 


May 22-24 | By appointment at Center Stage! 

Every child gets to be the star during our bonus Red Carpet Recital experience! This completely optional event is designed to celebrate our dancers and create a special moment for them to share with up to 5 guests! Think Academy Awards... we LOVE to put on an amazing show!

  • Step 1: Arrival Experience 

    • Walk the red carpet all decked out in your recital costume with hair & makeup done however you like best & stop for the paparazzi to take pictures in front of a step & repeat banner!

  • Step 2: Photo Experience

    • Enter the studio for a private recital photo shoot with a professional photographer! (You will have the option to order recital pictures if you would like to do so.)

  • Step 3: Stage Experience

    • Students will quickly review the dance with their teacher and then perform for their guests! (We will have a stage set up with lights & more!)

  • Step 4: Celebration Experience

    • Dancers will receive flowers & more pictures! 


*Students can choose to participate in all of the experiences or just the ones they are comfortable with- this is THEIR DAY and we can celebrate each student in their own way!!!

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