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PERFORMANCE: Saturday, May 28 at 7:00pm, Hendricks Hall, UCM Campus 
DRESS REHEARSAL: Thursday, May 26, 1-3:30pm
STAGING REHEARSALS: May 22-26 Click here for the Staging Rehearsal Sheet!

Recital Information Packet!

Recital Show Order!

IB4 R430.png

Int. Ballet 4
Thursday 4:30pm
Miss Allison

IB6/7 M630

Int. Ballet 6/7
Monday 6:30pm
Miss Maggie


Adv. Ballet 2 & 3
Mon. 6:15pm & Thurs. 6:15pm
Miss Allison & Miss Maggie

Lyrical 5 M815

Lyrical/ Contemporary 5
Monday 8:15pm
iss Maggie

Tap 4-5

Tap 4 & Tap 5
Wed. 5:30pm & Mon. 7:30pm
iss Lexi

IB5 W430

Int. Ballet 5
Wednesday 5:30pm
Miss Allison

AB1 R730.png

Adv. Ballet 1
Thursday 7:30pm
Miss Maggie

Lyrical 4 T700.png

Lyrical/Contemporary 4
Tuesday 7:00pm
Miss Brianna

Jazz 3 Jazz 4 T800.png

Jazz 3 & 4
Tuesday 8:00pm
iss Allison & Miss Brianna

Shining Stars

Shining Stars
Monday 6:45pm
Miss Annie
*Also in Show #1

Company Routines (not pictured)


Company - Large Contemporary A - I Won't Complain

Company - Large Contemporary B - Comes and Goes

Company - Large Jazz A- I Don't Speak French

Company - Large Jazz B

Company - Large Lyrical A - One And Only

Company - Large Lyrical B - Lost Without You

Company - Large Musical Theatre A - I Feel Good

Company - Large Musical Theatre B - That Beautiful Sound

Company - Large Tap A - Don't Stop Me Now

Company - Large Tap B - Can You Do This 

Company - Pre-Pro- On Then And Now

Company - Small Contemporary A - Sympathy

Company - Small Contemporary B - Stayin' Alive

Company - Small Contemporary C - Conductor

Company - Small Sr. Tap - Talk of The Town

Company - Small Sr. Musical Theatre - Coffee in a 

Cardboard Cup

Company - Production - Brand New Day (In ALL 4 Shows!)

Select Company Groups

Adult Tap 2- also not pictured!

All Performances are at Hendricks Hall on the UCM Campus!

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