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2019/ 2020 Lesson/ Performance Information! 

We take the safety of our kids and families and our responsibility to our staff & community seriously.

Any considerations to move towards face-to-face service is being done with the utmost care and consultation of our local leaders and authorities.

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Important Upcoming Dates:

June 1 : Summer Hybrid model begins!

July 26: Spring (now Summer) Concerts at Hart Recital Hall

Year-Round Lessons!

We are in a unique and exciting position with music lessons this year! Typically we have followed the academic school year to determine our music season with the majority of students stopping lessons over the summer and resuming them in the fall. This is NOT ideal for music students to make progress and improve! We have been working on solutions to allow us to continue music lessons year-round that fit into flexible summer plans, and now that we have added the ability to offer Zoom lessons, we are excited to transition to our year-round model and watch our students progress in ways they haven't before!

We will resume all current music lessons on June 1st and continue through the Music Recital on July 26th. At this time, we believe that we will be able to have our "normal" Music Recital with social distancing in place as Johnson County guidelines should have relaxed a little by the end of July in regards to occupancy limits. If not, we will divide our recitals into smaller groups to fit within the safety guidelines to give everyone the opportunity to sing and play in that beautiful hall!  

After the recital, we will take 2 weeks off to regroup and reschedule and then resume lessons the week of August 10th!

Hybrid Lesson Model

Begins June 1st and will be flexible between in-studio & online classes! We are planning on being able to be back in-studio for lessons starting June 1st, however:

  • Based on the survey results we received, families definitely have varying comfort levels regarding returning to in-studio lessons. Many families have requested to continue with Zoom lessons all summer while others replied that they can't wait to get back to being in person- this hybrid model provides the flexibility to allow everyone to continue in a way that makes them comfortable!

  • The hybrid model will potentially allow students & teachers to take lessons even when traveling via Zoom!

  • There will be unlimited group makeup classes as always!   

Summer Lesson Schedule

Our summer lesson schedule will begin June 1st and continue through July 24th.

  • Our office will be reaching out to you starting the week of May 18 to discuss the best lesson options for your family's summer schedule. 

  • Some of our teachers will have more times available and you may want to switch to a more convenient time!

Stay Informed! 

View details about your child's private music lessons ( i.e: what they worked on, should be working on, music for them to listen to, videos of their lessons and more! ) by clicking on the LessonMate link below and signing in to your personal Center Stage LessonMate account!

Ask your music teacher or the front desk for your personal sign in information! 

March 28, 2020

National Federation of Music Clubs


Center Stage is a member of the National Federation of Music Clubs which is designed to give Junior (age 18 and younger) and Adult member musicians of all abilities the opportunity to perform and receive a yearly evaluation in a non-competitive environment!   

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