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National Federation of Music Clubs

Festival Information!

Center Stage is a member of the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) which allows our students to participate in the NFMC Festival each year! This is an exciting opportunity for students to begin playing in front of a judge and to really focus on skills that they build upon each year! We strongly encourage our students to participate in this event because of how much it helps with their confidence and growth as a player and musician!


What is the purpose of NFMC?

  • NFMC is designed to give Junior (age 18 and younger) and Adult member musicians of all abilities the opportunity to perform and receive a yearly evaluation in a non-competitive environment.

  • Participation in NFMC Festivals promotes music study, stimulates interest in the musical literature of both the USA and the world, and encourages each participant to reach a high standard of musical achievement.

  • The NFMC Festivals Cup Award Plan and Honor Certificates offer additional incentives to encourage continued participation in NFMC Festivals. 


When & where is the festival?

Participation Requirements:

  • There is a charge of $22 per event per student. Depending on the piece selected, you may also need to purchase music. Any voice or instrumental students will need to acquire (and pay) an accompanist also.

  • Pianists & Vocalists will need to memorize 2 pieces for this event, which will be selected during his/her lessons with the help of the teacher. Instrumentalists will need to learn 2 pieces, but will only need to memorize one of the pieces.

  • Students can choose to participate in a written music theory test as well as performing, or can elect to only take the theory test and not perform. Students will receive points for both the performance as well as taking the theory test.


How are points awarded?

  • The points system is set up with points for each individual student that accumulate each year.

  • Students are not compared to anyone else.

  • Each student receives 5 points for a Superior rating, 4 points for an Excellent, 3 points for a Satisfactory, 2 points for a Fair and 1 point for Needs Improvement.

  • After earning a total of 15 points in each type of event (performance as well as theory), the student will have earned a trophy.



Preparing for & what to expect / do the day of the festival!

Before the Day of the Festival:

  • Memorize your 2 performance pieces.

  • During your lesson with your teacher, number all measures on both copies of your sheet music.

  • Vocalists: Gather two original copies of all music. Discuss this with your teacher because we have many studio copies that you can borrow- but you will need to have 2 copies with you, one for the accompanist and one for the judges.

  • Erase all other teacher markings on your music.

  • Vocalists/Instrumentalists: hire and make arrangements to pay your accompanist directly.


On the Day of the Festival:

  • The NFMC Festival is located on the UCM campus in the UTT Music Building. Click here for a direct link to the venue on google maps!

  • Dress very nicely! Judges are always happy to see students dressed up for the occasion!

  • Remember to bring your original music unless your teacher is bringing your copy! (No photocopies are allowed in the rooms with the judges!)

  • You should arrive approximately 20 minutes early to ensure you have time to check in at the lobby of the UTT Music building, find your assigned room, use the restroom, get a drink, etc...

  • Be sure to warm up before you arrive or arrive with plenty of time to warm up! There are practice rooms that you can run through your pieces in.

Center Stage Staff will be at the festival the entire time to assist you! Your specific teacher may be helping other students, working the check-in table, or assisting with other Festival duties when you arrive, but rest assured any CS Staff member can help you! Please find one of us when you arrive!

After you Check-In at the Festival: 

  • Be at your assigned door approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Do not be late!

  • Let the door monitor know who you are and that you are there! Wait for the room monitor to tell you to enter the room.

  • Only students will go into the room with the judge- parents should remain outside of the room during the adjudication. In most cases, parents will be able to hear the music in the hall. :)


Once You (the student) are in the Room with the Judge:

  • When you enter the room, say "Good morning" to the judge with a smile and hand him/her your original music unless the room monitor has already taken your music.

  • When the room monitor or judge says to begin, introduce yourself and the names of your pieces. (Be sure to practice this at home!) Then begin your performance.

  • When you have finished your first piece, wait for the judge to let you know that he/she is ready for you to begin your second piece (sometimes this can take a while as they write comments.)

  • When you have finished your second piece, politely say thank you to the judge and leave the room. Do not show any signs of frustration in front of the judge even if you are not happy with your performance.

  • Wait outside the room for the room monitor to give you back your music and then you are free to go!

  • You will get your performance results from your teacher during your next lesson!

  • We would love to get as many pictures of our students as possible with their teachers, as individuals, or with other students to be able to celebrate your accomplishment! If you have time, please find your teacher or another CS Staff member to take your picture!


Theory Test Information:

The below information is from previous years. We will update how the theory test process will work when we receive information from NFMC.

  • If you are taking the theory test, you may do so at any time between 8:45am and 12:00pm. 

  • The room is always open. You can just go in and give them your name and they will have your test ready for you, but be sure to double check that they have given you the correct level test as discussed with your music teacher!

  • You will get your theory test results from your teacher during your next music lesson!

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