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Recital 2023 Information!

Recital-23-logo-on-white- no CSA.png

     June 2, 7:00pm
     June 3, 10:30am, 2:30pm & 7:00pm
      Hendricks Hall, UCM Campus 

Rehearsal Week: May 29- June 2 at Hendricks Hall


Tickets will also be available at the door!

Be sure to look for ALL of the classes your dancer is in as they may be in more than one showtime!

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Read all about it! The MOST IMPORTANT info you need to know is here!

If you don't read it, you won't know what to do or where to be when! 

If you have any questions, text us at 660.747.6133!

Recital Information Packets!

Recital Show Orders!

Now Available!

Recital Flower Bouquets


  • Many families choose to give their dancer flowers after the show! For your convenience, you can pre-order flowers online through May 26th & we’ll have them ready and waiting for you to pick up at the theater for the performance time you select!



VIP & Me Recital Dances

--Formerly known as our popular Daddy & Me dance!  

  • Information and the rehearsal videos wee emailed your way!

--VIP & Me Mandatory Rehearsal Times: 

  • Show #1: June 1, 8:15-9pm

  • Show #2: May 30, 5:45-6:15pm

  • Show #3: May 31, 5:45-6:15pm

  • Show #4: May 31, 8:45-9:30pm

Recital Pictures: 

-- Proofs will be available to view online beginning May 17th! The links were sent out via email! Click HERE for more detailed information! 

STAGING REHEARSALS (on stage at Hendricks Hall)

--Staging Rehearsals for dancers in Shows #1 & #4 will take place Monday, May 29 & Tuesday, May 30. CLICK HERE FOR THE REHEARSAL WEEK SCHEDULE FOR ALL CLASSES!

--Show #2 & #3 dancers will NOT have staging rehearsals that week- they will only have their mandatory rehearsal at the time below.

MANDATORY REHEARSALS (on stage at Hendricks Hall)

--The following rehearsals are MANDATORY for the safety of all dancers. If you do not attend your mandatory rehearsal, you cannot perform in the recital.

--Rehearsals for Show #1 & #4 will be DRESS rehearsals.

Show #2 &#3 dancers will NOT be in costume for these rehearsals. Dancers will remain in the audience, not backstage, during the Show #2 & #3 rehearsals.

Recital 2023 Mandatory Chart.png

Skin-Toned Body Liners: DEADLINE TO ORDER: MAY 12

-- We strongly recommend dancers purchase a skin-toned body liner to wear under their recital costume! Many dancers have already purchased one to wear for previous recitals or Nutcracker- you do not need to buy a new one if it still fits.


We have noticed that the skin-toned body liners tend to run small and have specific ones you can try on at the front desk to pick which size fits you best before placing your order!  


Here are some of the benefits of wearing a skin-toned body liner:

Added privacy when changing costumes:

  • Due to the lack of privacy backstage, wearing a skin-toned body liner can help make some dancers more comfortable when changing costumes in the dressing rooms during the recital as well as during quick changes when CS staff may be helping them change. 

  • Dancers can arrive already wearing their skin-toned body liner and tights under their street clothes!

  • If tights need to be changed during the recital (For example: Kindergarten Combo dancers will wear pink tights for ballet and skin-tone tights for tap), dancers will be able to put their body liner on first and their first pair of tights on over the body liner at home and never need to take off the body liner in the dressing room to make the costume change!

  • Creative Movement and Precombo dancers will arrive already wearing their recital costume, so they will only change backstage if they are participating in the VIP & Me dance!

Reduced scratchiness!

  • A skin-toned body liner might also help some costumes feel less scratchy! :) 


While we encourage wearing a body liner for the recital, this is an optional purchase! In order to ensure we can get the the right quantity and sizes in time, please fill out the online order form via this link! 

If you have any recital questions, please ask! You can send an email to or call/text the front desk at 660.747.6133 and we'll be happy to help!

Detailed Recital Information will continue to be updated for your convenience as we get closer to the performance! 

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