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Specialty Routine Costumes

Recital 2021 Information!

CS Star Only Circle Logo 2019-color mode


     June 4, 7:00pm

     June 5, 10:30am, 2:30pm & 7:00pm

      Hendricks Hall, UCM Campus 

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 11.59.07

Mini Jazz Small​

Mini Tap.jpg

Mini Tap Small​

Mini Lyrical.jpg

Mini Lyrical Large​

Jr Jazz Lg.jpg
Jr. Tap 1.jpg
Jr. Tap 2.jpg

Jr. Jazz Large​

I Feel Like A


Jr. Tap Small 1

Bad Boy, Good Man

Jr. Tap Small 2

Nothing Can Stop Us Now

Jr Lyrical Small.jpg

Jr. Lyrical Small


Teen Jazz Line.jpg

Teen Jazz Line

Come Sail Away

Jr. Contemp.png

Jr. Contemporary Small


Jr MT.jpg

Jr. MT Small

Ease On Down The Road

Teen Tap Small Shirt.png
Teen Tap Small Jeans.png
Teen Tap Small Belt.png
Teen Tap Small Earrings.png

Teen Jazz Large

Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels

Teen Tap Small

Fire Under My Feet

Teen Lyrical Line.png
Teen Tap large Boy Pants.png
Teen Tap Large.png
Teen Tap Large Boys Shirt.jpg

Teen Tap Large

Dance With Me

Teen Lyrical Small

Teen Lyrical Small.jpg

Teen Lyrical Line

You Are The Reason

Teen Contemp. Line.jpg

Teen Contemporary Line

All For Us

Teen MT.jpg

Teen MT Large Group

A Musical

Sr. Jazz Line.jpg
Teen Tap large Boy Pants.png
Teen Tap Large Boys Shirt.jpg

Sr. Jazz Line

Rock The Joint

Sr. Jazz Large

All Eyes On Me

Still in the works!

Sr. Lyrical Large top.jpg

Sr. Lyrical Large

Sr. Lyrical Contemporary Small.jpg
Sr. Contemp Large Group leo.png

Sr. Lyrical/

Contemporary Small

Oh Darling

Sr. Contemporary Large


Sr. Contemp. Small pants.jpg
Sr. Contemp Small top.jpg
Sr. Contemp Small tie.png

Sr. Contemporary Small


Sr. Contemp Line.jpg
Sr. Contemp. Line Boy Shirt.jpg
Sr. Contemp Line Boy pants.jpg

Sr. Contemporary Line

The Chain

Sr. Tap Small 5.png
Sr. Tap Small 6.png
Sr. Tap Small 2.png
Sr. Tap Small 9.png
Sr. Tap Small 8.png
Sr. Tap Small 7.png
Sr. Tap Small 4.png
Sr. Tap Small 1.png
Sr. Tap Small 3.png

Sr. Tap Small


Sr. MT 1 Aerobics swimsuit.png
Sr. MT 1 Aerobics pants.png

Sr. MT Large 1


Sr. MT Large 2


Sr. Pre-Pro Small

Human Touch

Sr. MT 1 Aerobics Bra top.jpg
Sr. MT 1 Aerobics belt.jpg
Sr. Pre Pro Leo.jpg

Sr. Tap Line

Trip A Little Light

Still in the works!

All Performances are at Hendricks Hall on the UCM Campus!

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