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Center Stage is gonna Rule The School!


June 3, 7:00pm & June 4, 2:00pm & 7:00pm

Hendricks Hall, UCM Campus 

Tickets On Sale May 7th!

Ordering Recital Pictures

Quick Note About Viewing Your Pictures! 

The images you are previewing have not been retouched or edited and are straight out of the camera in order to get them all posted online for you to view quickly! All ordered images WILL BE professionally retouched and edited, including removing blemishes, marks on costumes and the blue tape on the backdrop.

We are thrilled to be using a new local photography company this year!  We are super excited for the high quality and up-to-date process Kyleigh Whitfield Photography will be using both for taking pictures and ordering them! However, please note that the ordering process will be different from previous years!


  • Instead of placing your order the same day the pictures are taken, you will instead get to view the pictures online beginning Friday, May 20th at 5pm! You will then have until May 27th to turn your order forms in at the front desk!  An email will be sent out with the passwords you'll need to view your pictures online!


  • Kyleigh Whitfield Photography has posted an instructional video on YouTube  explaining both the online viewing and ordering process in detail to help eliminate any confusion with orders forms, etc... Click in the link above to view it!


  • Please note that you will need to fill out one order form per child per class in order to keep your portraits properly labeled! Order forms are available at the front desk!


  • Sibling/ Friend Portraits

    • If a parent wants to include their children's sibling picture (for example: Madeline and Rebecca's sibling picture) on their CD purchase they need to order at least one sheet (1 of the 7 sheets needed to be eligible to purchase the CD) of one of the sibling pictures and then ALL of the sibling pictures will be included on the CD as well. Parents need to treat the sibling/friend portraits like another child, and orders of these pictures need to go on their own order form and be specified in the "Child Information" section as "Sibling or Friend" portrait with the siblings names under the Child's Name section. 


  • We will send an email out when pictures are available for you to pick up at Center Stage later in the summer!


If you have any questions about placing your order, you can contact Kyleigh Whitfield Photography directly in any of the following ways:


Still have a question? Use the form below to send it our way and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Your question was sent successfully! Thank you! We will reply ASAP!

Detailed Recital Information will continue to be updated for your convenience as we get closer to the performance! 

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