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Starting Pointe at Center Stage Academy

Criteria for beginning and continuing pointe work:


Pointe work is an exciting and essential part of an advanced ballet student's training. Our students prepare for pointe work during each and every ballet class. Going en pointe is a big step and requires commitment on the part of the student.


The following is not an exhaustive check list for beginning pointe work, but a guideline for determining whether a dancer may be ready to begin the next step in her training.  

  • The student must be 11 years or older.

  • The student should have at least 2 years of dance training.

  • The student must be taking a minimum of two technique classes a week consistently. At least one of these is ballet technique.

  • The student must complete Pointe Physical Evaluation.

  • The student must have sufficient strength to do the following:          

    • Hold her turnout while dancing.

    • Show a good use of plié.

    • Point her feet while dancing.

  • The student must be responsible enough to bring all the ballet equipment she will need to class (to include proper attire and grooming).

  • The student must be in good health and able to take a whole class. If the student frequently needs to rest because of illness or injury, she is not strong enough for the extra demands that pointe work requires.


A dancer’s ability to begin pointe work will be assessed with regard to a number of factors to include: strength, length and intensity of training, proper placement of the body, bone development, and instructor recommendation. 


Please feel free to speak with the Ballet Director or your ballet teacher about any concerns you may have about pointe work.

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