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Recital 2017 Information!

All the recital information you need in one convenient place!

Tickets On Sale May 13th at 10:00am!


June 2, 7:00pm & June 3, 2:00pm & 7:00pm

Hendricks Hall, UCM Campus 

Recital Ticket Information

Tickets for ALL Performances will go on sale at the SAME TIME, Saturday, May 13th at 10:00am!

Tickets for our 2017 Recital go on sale SATURDAY, MAY 13th.  An online ticketing service will handle all recital ticketing. Tickets will NOT be available for purchase at the front desk.


Recital 2017 Online Ticket Prices are as follows:


Tickets for both the Evening and Matinee Performances are $10.00.

The ticketing service charges a service fee of 5% & $1.00 per ticket in addition to our ticket prices.

Tickets will be sold at the door to all performances for $12.00.

Online ticket sales will stop at midnight the night prior to the day of the show. You can purchase tickets to the Friday evening performance until midnight, Thursday, June 1st or to the Saturday performances up until midnight. Friday, June 2nd. Any available seats can be purchased at the door for $12.00 for all performances. But since it is reserved seating, remember that additional seats purchased at the door will most likely not be next to your party!

In an effort to create an organized and professional atmosphere, all tickets are reserved seating. Children under 3 that will sit the entire show on a parent’s lap do not need a ticket.  ALL DANCERS WILL STAY BACKSTAGE WITH THEIR CLASS DURING THEIR ENTIRE PERFORMANCE.  Some classes may have an extended time that they will watch the show from the balcony with their class, supervised by a Class Mom. Dancers are NOT allowed to sit with their parents during the show.


If your family participates in all 3 shows, (for instance you have a preschool performer in the matinee and a dancer in the evening show), your dancers can attend the show in which they are not performing for only the online service fee cost of $1.00! If this is the case for your family, you MUST reserve a Performer Ticket at the same time when you are purchasing your tickets! Otherwise a seat will not be available next to your party.


IMPORTANT NOTE! The performer ticket passcode will be sent out via email to all active families prior to tickets going on sale! Watch your inbox!* 


*The only students who have access to this code are active students.  Remember, dancers DO NOT need to reserve a ticket for the show in which they are performing and backstage volunteers do not need a ticket to the performance during which they are backstage.  All performer tickets will be closely monitored as a record of sales is sent to our office every night.



How to Purchase Tickets: Starting at 10am on Saturday, May 13th, you can purchase tickets in any of the following ways:





  •  Call 855-222-2TIX (855-222-2849) to order your tickets over the phone!



Ticketing questions should be directed to TutuTix!

The phone number is 1-855-222-2849.

Still have a question? Use the form below to send it our way and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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Detailed Recital Information will continue to be updated for your convenience as we get closer to the performance! 

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