Thank You All!

This is the 43rd year that The Christmas Store Project has worked to provide food for  a holiday meal for individuals and families in need. Last year, the Christmas Store served 473 families.

That number is expected to increase this year. A recent study commissioned by Harvesters showed that in Johnson County MO 16.1% of families (22% of all children) live in poverty. A full 24% of children in the area are food insecure (not knowing if/when their next meal will occur). 

Requested Donations:

Items can be dropped off at Center Stage beginning Monday, November 7th through Thursday, December 8th! Any amount of donation is fabulous! Thank you for helping us make a wonderful and positive difference in our community!

Cash/ Check Donations are welcome as well!

Checks should be made payable to: "Christmas Store, 2016". 

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