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CSA Studio Crew Scholarship Program!

Now accepting applications for 2019/20!

What is the CSA Studio Crew Student Scholarship Program?

Our CSA Studio Crew is for Student Leadership Team members who take pride in their studio and would like to earn a tuition discount for assisting Center Stage staff with the daily/weekly tasks necessary to prepare the studio environment for classes.  Students will be serving as ambassadors for the studio by creating a clean and welcoming space for all families and encouraging others, through their actions, to treat the studio with care and respect. 


What do Studio Crew members do?

Studio Crew members will receive special training for and be assigned one or more of the following tasks:

  • Cleaning the Fine Arts Preschool Room

  • Tidying and vacuuming the lobby

  • Cleaning restrooms

  • Sweeping studios 

  • Organizing retail 

  • Maintaining order in the lost and found

  • Tidying music studios

  • Organizing props, barres, etc…

  • And more!


How do Studio Crew members receive a tuition discount?

The Studio Crew tuition discount is based on the number of hours of work completed each month: 

  • 2-4 hours per month, 3% tuition discount

  • 5-8 hours per month, 5% tuition discount

  • 9-12 hours per month, 7% tuition discount


Studio Crew Expectations

Once selected to be a member of Studio Crew, a student must comply with the following:

  • Complete all tasks to which she/he is assigned, or arrange for a substitute Crew member or CS Staff.

  • Perform all tasks to the defined expectation level or above!

  • Record hours on the Studio Crew form.

  • Maintain a positive attitude and relationship with CSA staff, students and parents at all times.

  • Maintain a polished appearance while working (as outlined in the Studio Crew Handbook)

  • Attend all trainings, including mandatory initial training in August (date TBD)

  • Remain a member of the CSA Student Leadership Team.


How do I join?!

Interested in being part of “the Crew?” Complete the Student Leadership Team application and be sure to check the box for "Studio Crew" before turning it in! You will be notified of acceptance into the Studio Crew by the program director.


Have a question? Use the form below to send it our way and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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