“I am so incredibly amazed by the talent of the instructors at Center Stage. They do truly amazing things with our girls in dance while teaching them life skills."

- Marty Webb, parent

CSA Faculty & Staff

Meet our large faculty of highly trained instructors who LOVE what they do!


We expect a lot from our students. Through our many programs they learn repsonsibility, teamwork, and performance skills. At Center Stage we thoroughly enjoy teaching and want to share our passion with students in a positive and educational manner. We want our students to not only become technically proficient, but also to gain an appreciation of the art. We know that not all students respond the same way to all teachers. The large faculty at Center Stage makes it possible for your child to find the teacher that is a perfect fit!

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Account Manager

Katlyn Taylor

Dance Instructors

Alexis Kenny, Gaby Moore, Sarina Robbins, Debbie Sturgill, Cassandra Thomas, Valerie Ruggle

Music Instructors

Michael Beck,  Jon Hynes, Michelle Jackson, Nick Landkamer, Gaby Moore, Amy Weldon

"These are exciting times & opportunities for our kids and I am grateful to the faculty at Center Stage for their awesome teaching and being top notch role models!

-Mary Lubaroff, parent

It's never too late to experience the joy of music!

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Sarah Montoya

Theatre/ Music Instructor