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Theatre Specialty Classes

6-week Sessions

(Grades 6 & up)

Our 6-week, themed theatre electives are open to ALL students 6th grade & up! You do not have to be a Center Stage student to register! 


These specialty classes are structured to provide a deeper study into specific theatre related areas, both on and off stage, adding to the enjoyment, overall knowledge, and performance abilities of our students!


  • Pre-registration is required!

  • Each 6-week session is only $69!

Excited about one or more of the classes listed below?!

Click on the link above for either NEW or existing CS students to fill out a quick & easy registration form to hold your spot! New Students- we'll contact you to complete the payment process!


2020/21 Specialty Theatre Classes Coming Soon!

Specialty Classes: Grades 6 & up

Script Table Readings | Thursdays

9/5-10/10, 4:45-5:30

This 6-week class will introduce students to new works and also help them find new monologues! We will be reading 3 new full-length plays, focusing on one play for two weeks. We will discuss character development, the story arch, hidden meanings, etc. $69/Session (SM)

Directing | Wednesdays

10/9-11/13, 4:00-4:45

In this 6 week class, students will work on the art of directing starting with casting and continuing in areas such as script cutting, blocking, scenic development, and more! $69/Session (SM)

Musicals | Thursdays

2/6-3/12, 4:45-5:30

Get ready for a 6-week run-through of American Musicals! Learn about the different influences in American musicals throughout the decades. Each week students will learn a song and short choreography from iconic musicals starting with the Golden Age of the Broadway stage in the 1950's to the experimental and social musicals of the 1960's-70's to the spectacular productions of the 1980's-90's and finally, the modern musical of the 21st century! $69/Session (MS)

Improv Troupe | Thursdays

4/2-5/7, 4:45-5:30

In this 6 week class, students will work together to create a improv troupe performance; learning games to play with audiences and each other! $69/Session (NE)

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