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Homecoming Parade!


Everyone's Invited!

Saturday Morning, October 15th
Exact Times TBA (typically the week of the parade)

Deadline to sign up: Monday, October 10th!



Parents are welcome to learn the dance or just walk along! All preschool students (dance, music, fine arts preschool) will need a parent to walk in the parade with the studio. Preschool students and parents will be in the back of the group and can bring wagons, strollers, etc… in case the parade route is a bit long for some of them. :) There will not be a float for preschool students to ride on. 

IMPORTANT! In order to participate in the parade, everyone MUST SIGN UP via the online google form (click above or below!)  NO LATER THAN Monday, October 10th!

(This includes parents who plan to dance or walk along!) 

  • We will be providing a t-shirt specifically for you to borrow, so in order to participate, we MUST have your shirt size.

  • Anyone who does not sign up ahead of time for the parade will not be able to participate!

What to Wear in the Parade!

There are specific things that every participant needs to wear for the parade in order to be as uniform as possible. You will need: 

*A Red CS T-Shirt (borrowed from Center Stage-distributed at the beginning of the parade and collected at the conclusion)

*A WHITE Long-Sleeve Shirt to go underneath your t-shirt (assuming it's chilly). 

*Black Bottoms

*Tennis Shoes (NO DANCE SHOES)

Deadline to sign up: Monday, October 10th!

Still have a question? Use the form below to send it our way and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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UCM Homecoming Parade! Saturday, October 15th!

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