Homecoming Parade!


Everyone's Invited!

Saturday Morning, October 23rd

The UCM Homecoming Parade is this Saturday, October 23rd! Woohoo! For those of you who have signed up to participate, all of the details of where to be when and what to wear are below! If you aren't participating in the parade, you can still join in the fun by watching the parade and cheering on all of your friends!


The parade starts at 9am. Line up numbers were not assigned this year, so watch for the sea of red stars and shirts dancing your way!


Here are the details for Saturday morning:

 Arrival Procedures: 

  • Please arrive at the "Walker Staging Area" at the Multi on the UCM campus at 8:30am so we can get the red shirts handed out to everyone! 

  • It is a VERY good idea to use the bathroom before you arrive. Often times the doors to the Multi are locked and there are only a couple of porta potties set up in the parking lot for everyone to use.

  • DROP OFF LOCATION: In the parking lot of the Multi-Purpose Building on the UCM Campus (Corner of Washington and King Streets) at the flagpoles. THERE IS A PARKING LOT ON KING STREET that parents can use to DROP-OFF students! 

  • PARENT PARKING: If parents are staying and need to park: Please park to the West of the Multi-Purpose building or on the street around the Multi-Purpose Building. Or anywhere else parking is allowed that morning- your choice!

  •  CHECK-IN:

    • Participants in 5th grade and below will need to be signed in and out by a parent/guardian! This includes students who have a parent walking in the parade. Please stop by the CSA check-in area first when you arrive! 

    • Participants in 6th grade & up will not need to sign in or out.

  • SHIRT PICK-UP: After checking in (if applicable), please head to the shirt station to receive your red CSA shirt! You will need to put it on OVER your white long sleeve shirt- there is not a private changing area.  


 While Waiting: 

  • After checking in and picking up your shirt, everyone should remain in the CSA waiting area. 

  • All students in 5th grade and below will be supervised by CSA staff and CSA Student Leaders. Parents not walking in the parade can leave at this point if they would like to do so. 

  • After everyone has arrived (or almost everyone), we will review the homecoming dance a couple of times as a group. 

  • We will line up & hand out the red stars when it gets close to the start time for the parade! 

    • Older students who are dancing will be near the front of the group.

    • Kindergarten & preschool dancers will be towards the back.

    • All walkers/wagons/strollers and parents will be in the back of the group!


During & After CSA Finishes the Parade Route:   

  • All students who start the parade with CSA will need to remain with Center Stage during the entire route. For the safety of all students, no one can leave the group to join their family or friends as we pass by!  

  • PICK-UP LOCATION: The Parade ends at the corner of South and College Streets.  THIS IS NOT THE SAME PLACE THEY WERE DROPPED OFF!

  • CS Staff will guide all students off of College/South street and into the grassy area by Dockery (the UCM building located in that area). 


  • We will keep all students together as a group until everyone has gathered in the area. Parents should not take their child until students are signed out and dismissed!

  • Everyone should then take off their red CSA shirt and give them to a CSA Staff member.

  • Students in 5th grade and below will need to be signed out with CSA Staff! Please plan on meeting your child at the pick up location promptly- do not wait until after the parade ends to head to the pickup area. 

  • Students in 6th grade & Up: Be sure to talk with your 6th grade & up child about where you expect them to meet you when CSA reaches the end of the parade! They will be kept with the group until officially dismissed.  

What to Wear in the Parade!

There are specific things that every participant will be wearing for the parade this year in order to be as uniform as possible. You will need: 

*A Red CS T-Shirt (borrowed from Center Stage-distributed at the beginning of the parade and collected at the conclusion)

Please note- you may wear as many layers as you'd like UNDER your white shirt but NOTHING over the red Center Stage shirt we will be loaning to you! We want to look as uniform as possible as we dance through the streets! Be sure to show up wearing something that can stay on under your red shirt as there won't be anywhere private for you to change into or out of the red shirt! 

* You can wear gloves, etc..., but please try to keep them in red, black, white or grey colors if possible!

*A WHITE Long-Sleeve Shirt to go underneath your t-shirt (it will be chilly!). 

*Black Bottoms

*Tennis Shoes (NO DANCE SHOES)

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UCM Homecoming Parade! Saturday, October 23rd